full service marina on Bull Shoals Lake  -  Diamond City, AR

Salt of the earth = Darrold.  Nicest person you'll ever meet.  Superhuman capacity for kindness.  In my opinion, this is the finest human you will ever meet.  Warm, generous, overpoweringly friendly... one of those people you remember long after meeting them.  If everyone was like Darold, there would be so much less tension in life.  A truly great person with whom I'm delighted to be associated with.  This guy will outwork a twenty year old day in and day out... he's a machine totally dedicated to making this marina a better place.  God Bless you my friend.

Annette hughes


jim winkler

darold rogers

 Annette Hughes, AKA Wonder Woman. The linchpin of the organization. Annette runs the inside operations..the store, reservations, slip rentals, the 24 hour bait machine, handles the phone, debtors, collectors, accounts receivables, accounts payable, and your daily dose of sunshine when you call or come in. She works miracles here and she's the one you need to suck up to if you want a slip!

Annette is trained and qualifies in a whole lot of educational stuff that I can't even remember, but she's with us now and that's what counts. WAAAYYY over qualified, she spends her time here for some reason taking exceptional care of our marina customers. She's extremely friendly, diligent, hardworking and has really rocking legs.

Hi, I'm Steve and I was raised right here on these very shores.  When I was eight, my Dad and three other guys built a dock in West Sugarloaf Creek about a quarter mile from the marina.  That's where I spent my childhood.  Not just sometimes, buy my entire childhood.  We were here all summer enjoying the lake, but we were here all winter too, pulling the dock in and out and in and out...kind of like now.

I've done about every job in my life from selling cars and timeshares to satellite TV and radio, but nothing gives me the satisfaction that I get from this piece of paradise here in Diamond City, Arkansas!

So, wat qualifies me to operate a marina?  Well, I co-founded the World's Bet Margarita, my High School class voted me "most Likely to Recede", I prefer my bourbon from a plastic bottle, and I'd be just like Jimmy Buffet if I had any talent, ability or could play an instrument.

steve Bernard

the marina Staff

Big Jim!  Some day I'm going to have Jim bronzed.  He's a man's man... a former bouncer, ordained minister and gunsmith, Jim is the whole package.  He has a contagious personality that would melt glacial ice.  A kinder more gentle giant you've never known.  When you Google "gentleman", it's Jim's face that comes up first.  he's the poster by for what we're all about.  Jim's been with us for several years now and we couldn't do without him.